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woven chapters

As a former ballerina, I believe with my whole heart that mindful movement, music and performing arts have and hold the power to change the world. 

Originally from Sarasota, FL, my career as a dancer provided the unique luxury of calling Copenhagen, Denmark, Boston, MA and New York City my homes away from home.

Since retiring from the stage, I've earned a BA in Psychology from Columbia University, received multiple RYT certifications through Modo Yoga International (500-hr Modo Level One | 50-hr RYT Modo Flow | 45-hr Modo Calm)... and continue stitching together the chapters of my story, one word at a time. 

After 17 years spent dedicating my life to non-verbal story telling, Yoga has given me a new stage—a vocal platform to empower my students with the tools to write & re-write their own story from a place of quiet knowing & loud listening.

Living with intention and marveling in the inner-world wonder that is our body/mind connection is where the sweet stuff steeps... 

Currently, I guide private clients & inspiring companies in weekly Yoga classes designed to ground, strengthen, calm and inspire students to show up for themselves on and beyond their mat.

At the start of 2021, I co-founded Artists Becoming with a mission to elevate standards of well-being across the performing arts industry. Our platform provides Workshops that combine Yoga, Meditation & mentorship conversations designed to support performing artists and elite athletes through mindful conditioning practices & emotional support. 

The Artists Becoming Podcast connects Ballerinas, Broadway Stars, Olympians, Artistic Directors and more, spotlighting the stories of performing artists who share in our commitment to leave studios and stages better than we found them. 

I live & lead my life as a testament to the power of mindful practice: a work-in-progress embodiment of self-love, self-respect & cultivated calm that I relish in sharing. 

From my mat to yours, let's be still... and flow. 



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Artists Becoming Podcast

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Join us for conversations with Ballerinas, Broadway Stars, Olympians, Dancers, Artistic Directors & more... Connecting vulnerably with Performers who share lessons learned and reveal the hidden truths behind the shows that "must go on".

Co-hosted by: Shelby Elsbree & Jessica Cohen

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